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Chef Ania and her team pride themselves on providing you a quality catering service to your event. With over two decades of experience, we understand the unique needs of event and production catering. We can accommodate to your special requests and dietary needs such as wheat and dairy free, low fat, low carb, low sugar, vegetarian, kosher, vegan, etc. Please note that additional charges may apply.




  • Payments can be made by cash, check

  • Payment is due for all catering and services rendered at the time of delivery (COD) “the day of service” unless otherwise negotiated

  • No charge on cancellations made 72 hours before the event

  • 50% of food charge will be applied if cancellations are made within 24 hours of event



(Charged per meal)


1. SIMPLE DROP: Food delivered in disposable containers. There are no chafing dishes, warmers or elaborate set up with this service.


2. SET UP WITH SERVER: (Recommended) Server/s will arrive to set up food in chafing dishes/warmers with stainless steel serving utensils, baskets, ceramics, platters, paper goods and (if requested) additional décor. Server will assist guests in plating and menu/ingredient explanation for a period of 2 hours from “ready to serve” time (as provided by the client). Delivery, set up and break down are included in the price of this service.


3. FORMAL SET UP: If you require a more formal set up, we can organize a premium sit down meal experience complete with china, silverware, linens, glassware and additional decor. This service includes a server. Please note that this service requires an additional fee and the client is financially responsible for any missing or broken items. 


Paper goods and serving utensils provided by Chef Ania’s Gourmet Kitchen:

Heavy duty paper plates

2 ply napkins

Acrylic cutlery

Paper or plastic table linen

Serving utensils such as spoons, tongs, pie servers, ladles, etc.

Basic condiments such as mayonnaise, Tabasco, Sriracha, etc.




  • We do not provide buffet tables, chairs, tents or furniture for any of our delivery options. We request that these items are set up and ready for our arrival for the agreed “ready to serve” time.

  • Although we take care in keeping our own waste and trash to a minimum, we are not responsible for providing trash cans, trash bag removal and/or disposal.

  • Our service is not designed for carry out/take home, therefore we do not stock to go containers.

  • Our service is not intended for filming or photography. Please refrain from using food/beverages/utensils/equipment etc. for props or production use without written consent prior to your event.

  • We are more than happy to provide service to your outdoor/desert/beach/park/field/farm/rooftop shoot/event, but in these situations when utilities can be scarce, we request your assistance with accessing a power source, water source and/or lighting (on early morning/late night shoots when visibility is poor) so that we can focus on providing you the best service and the most delicious cuisine at the agreed “ready to serve” time.



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